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Pregnancy is Beautiful….

But it also takes a toll on your body! Pregnancy affects the breasts, tummy, legs, and more. Nursing can also contribute to changes that may leave you longing for your pre-baby body. Whether baby recently arrived, or it’s been a while since you’ve delivered, you don’t have to trade motherhood for your beauty and confidence! You may want to start with a weight loss protocol, injectable fillers and wrinkle relaxers, minimally invasive treatments (or all of the above) to begin treating your concerns.

Hot Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover addresses a woman’s post-pregnancy body issues by combining two or more of the following procedures:

Fun Fact: RealSelf users have given the Mommy Makeover a whopping 97% WORTH IT rating!

A Few Things to Consider…

We recommend letting the body heal for six months after delivery before surgery. Breast feeding needs to have stopped prior to surgery as well so that your doctor can get an idea of the true size and position of your breasts. If you are done having children, it is safe to go ahead with a Mommy Makeover.

Depending on the procedures chosen, a Mommy Makeover can often be completed in a single session. This can reduce the overall post-operative downtime.

Ready to get started?

The best way to know which combination of procedures will give you the results you’re looking for is to schedule a cosmetic consultation with our doctors and knowledgeable medical staff! Request an Appointment Now

More Info:

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