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Want to know the secret to beautiful, healthy, ageless skin?  It isn’t a secret at all, really. It’s just common sense.

Be proactive!

Take a look in the mirror and you can probably get a basic idea about the health of your skin, but there are aspects of overall skin health that the eye can’t see. This is where the Visia™ Complexion Analysis machine comes in.

Visia™ is a high-tech, 3D photobooth that captures 8 points of your skin’s overall condition:

  1. Visible spots on the skin’s surface
  2. Wrinkle mapping
  3. Texture, indentations, and raised points
  4. Size and quantity of visible pores
  5. UV spots on the surface and deep below the surface
  6. Brown spots, skin discolorations, moles
  7. Red areas from broken capillaries, rosacea, inflammation, and breakouts
  8. Porphyrins i.e. bacteria that is lodged in your pores

Why is this important? If we see what is happening beneath the skin, we can start treating it before it really becomes a problem. In addition, we can create a treatment plan for existing problems and track your progress and improvement over time!

Your Visia™ Complexion Analysis consultation includes detailed skin reports, product and/or procedure recommendations by our Aesthetician, and comprehensive follow-up sessions.

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Fun fact: Visia™ can track eyelash growth!

Eyelash restoration consultations and Visia™ eyelash analysis is available to those that purchase Latisse. Latisse is available by prescription only. Learn more about eyelash restoration here


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