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Earlobe Repair in Fayetteville, NC

At Cape Fear Aesthetics, we offer Earlobe repair as  a solution to your injured/split earlobe(s). Treatment options are available for the residents of Fayetteville, Sanford, Holly Springs, Lumberton, Cary and the neighboring areas of North Carolina.

What is Earlobe Repair?

It is possible to repair damaged earlobes, even if the damage happened long ago or if there is extensive damage to the earlobes. Some common cases are due to wearing heavy earrings, or trauma, either way earlobe repair is very efficient.

What is Earlobe procedure like?

Earlobe repair is an in-office procedure performed with the use of local anesthesia. For split earlobe(s) the two ends are brought together and stitched to restore the normal appearance. The procedure is fairly quick and takes less than an hour.

How is the recovery following Earlobe repair procedure?

Because earlobe repair is a very minor procedure, there is very little discomfort or downtime after. Over the counter pain medication can help with any mild discomfort and you may return to normal activities. Scarring from the procedure is usually very minimal. Once the earlobes have healed, you may choose to have them re-pierced.

What is the cost of Earlobe repair?

Earlobe repair procedure is offered as one of our insurance treatment options. This procedure is typically covered by insurance providers, meaning that patients have to pay little to no out-of-pocket expenses to receive this procedure, contact us to schedule a private consultation. During your consultation, we will determine if you are a good candidate for treatment and the amount of coverage you are eligible for. We accept many forms of payment and insurance, and also offer flexible financing options for our patients’ convenience.