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Fayetteville Plastic Surgery Specialists, is a center of excellence providing non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures such as ThermiTight, ThermiVa, ThermiBreast, and ThermiDry. Dr. Edward Dickerson’s patients come from all over North Carolina and surrounding states to experience the services that he offers at Fayetteville Plastic Surgery. These procedures use radiofrequency, “the science of heat” to drastically enhance appearance in treated areas and greatly improve confidence without the pain and downtime of traditional surgery. Of these highly successful procedures, the newest are ThermiVa and ThermiBreast.

ThermiBreast is the first non-surgical alternative to a breast lift. It is also known as the Scarless Breast Lift and is done by heating the breast from within with tiny probes to produce tightening and lift. ThermiBreast is for those needing mild to moderate tightening.

ThermiVa is perfect for patients who have had children, are unhappy with changes that have occurred due to menopause, or are experiencing discomfort due to excess or sagging skin. Dr. Edward Dickerson’s ThermiVa patients have experienced tightening and shrinking of the skin internally and externally, enhanced lubrication, relationship enhancement, and an overall increase in confidence.

ThermiTight provides a minimally invasive correction to sagging necks, jowls, stomachs, arms, back fat, and cellulite. ThermiTight is a quick and effective procedure that delivers pinpoint targeted heat just under the skin to dissolve fat stores and tighten overlying skin.

ThermiDry is the answer to embarrassing excessive armpit sweating. ThermiDry has proven to provide relief from hyperhidrosis in a toxin-free minimally invasive treatment.

These procedures all use radiofrequency energy in different applications to achieve each patient’s desired results. The temperature is carefully monitored and is completely safe and has even been described as relaxing. Results develop immediately after treatment and gradually improve even more over time, with the greatest improvements typically visible at the three-month mark. Each of these procedures are quick “lunch hour” procedures that require little to no cutting, downtime, pain, or anesthesia and can be performed in Dr. Edward Dickerson’s Fayetteville, NC office.


“The staff is amazing. I just love this place.” -Robin Barnes


“It’s like night and day from where I was before. I am no longer on my way to becoming a diabetic.” -James Pilgrim


“I love Dr. Dickerson and his staff. They are so comforting, warm, welcoming… they make you feel at home.” -Tamu Brown


“As soon as I came in I automatically felt at ease. Everyone is warm and courteous.” – Dinah Goodman

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