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Client of the Quarter-September 2019

Like plenty of our patients here at Fayetteville Plastic Surgery & Cape Fear Aesthetics, our client explains that she chose Dr. Dickerson because it was very convenient based on location and the reviews were phenomenal. She chose to have her liposuction procedure here because it was within 50 miles from her, so she felt it was best instead of traveling to another city. “I saw the results from some of the patients and I decided to choose Dr. Dickerson”. During her consultation our client was able to “pick and choose” what areas she felt were best to choose for her liposuction procedure and what made more sense financially. She decided to have Liposuction on her flanks, upper and lower abdomen.

“My post of care has been amazing,” she says and explains that one of her friends had her liposuction procedure two weeks before she did and chose to fly out to Atlanta for the surgery, “It had been two weeks and she was still in pain” says our client.
“It was better than I thought it was going to be…my experience was great, awesome…I didn’t experience any pain from what I have seen from other people who have done it at other locations,” she comments.

Client of the Quarter-September 2019We have seen a boost in confidence from our clients after their surgical procedures and our client of the quarter shares how her confidence has changed the way she feels. “In boosting my confidence I notice my clothes fit differently in areas…I’m seeing it, even though it is still in the process of healing, it has boosted my confidence so much because I can wear more fitted clothes without having to worry about wearing spanks…I am happy with those results!”, she explains.

After falling in love with our office and her results our client of the quarter shares how she recommends our office to everyone. “I love this place, I recommend it…a lot of times you want to go to all these different places, when you can get the best bang for your buck right here where you are .I would recommend Dr. Dickerson because he listens to you and helps you get the results you want!”….”I walked in one way and I walked out with more confidence,” says our client.

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