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Meet Sally, 46

Sally found Fayetteville Plastic Surgery & Cape Fear Aesthetics while searching online for a reputable Plastic Surgeon. After reading other patients reviews she was motivated to book her consultation with Dr. Dickerson and Mrs. Julie Boice, in hopes of finding treatment options that would help modify some of the concerns she was having.

Client of the Quarter - Meet Sally“I was not happy with my top lip as it was too thin. I just wanted something natural and not crazy-looking big lips!“ she shares. Sally decided to have a lip flip, which is a non-surgical option for those looking to enhance their lips, resulting in the appearance of fuller lips.

After having an amazing experience, Sally shares her satisfaction with her results and  “recommend the procedure to others.” She has also received Microneedling treatments with Mrs. Julie Boice, and according to Sally, Mrs. Julie Boice is “very warm and welcoming”, and “I think she has the knowledge base to recommend something that will work for you.”

Once she returned to work, she instantly received wonderful compliments, “your skin looks tighter and you look younger!” Her experience with Mrs. Boice has been fantastic, “I trust her, she is not trying to do anything crazy with me.”

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