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Meet Monique

Monique had her initial consultation at Fayetteville Plastic Surgery & Cape Fear Aesthetics almost four years ago. She tells us that after visiting other Plastic Surgeons and having many different consultations, she decided to come back to Dr. Dickerson’s office, “everybody treated me really nice and I felt like they cared,” she says.

After her second consultation with our Doctors, she decided to undergo the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. This procedure is a fat transfer procedure that removes excess fat from your body. The excess fat is then transferred to the buttocks, all of this results in contouring the size and shape of the waist, hips and buttocks area. “I had hip dips. They took all the fat from my stomach, my back and my love handles,” she states.

Client of the Quarter - Meet MoniqueFalling in love with her results has given her a complete boost in confidence and self-esteem. “After I got my surgery” said monique, “I tell you I accentuated my sexy with this surgery.” Even though her husband didn’t want her to get the procedure done, she exclaims “now he loves it!” She tells us how all her family, parents and friends are in love with her results. “Nobody can believe I got the results I got in Fayetteville,” she states.

In her testimonial, Monique shares details about her post-recovery and also explains her experience with our medical team. “Any issues I had, or I thought I was having. Which were pretty much in my head, you guys helped me deal with them,”she states. Our medical team continuously follows up with our patients after their surgical procedures and assures the healing process is going exactly the way it should be. If there are any concerns our medical team is only an email or call away.“ I couldn’t ask for a better team of people with my recovery and dealing with everything after my surgery,” she says.

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