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Client of the Quarter, June 2019

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

After noticing how tired she looked and how her “skin was actually starting to droop a lot more than she wanted to,” our patient began looking into facial rejuvenation. She says, “After 40 I noticed things were changing, and of course through a couple of conversations with my mother, I found that it was time I started to look into the different things that I could do.”

Her facial rejuvenation journey began after searching on the internet for treatment options that could help her look less tired. “The internet is full of information, about fillers, botox, different kinds of medical treatments and I assumed through the research that the only thing I needed was botox, and maybe like a chemical peel or something like that.” That was when she decided she needed to book a consultation, knowing that would be the best way to get medical advice and have a one-on-one experience with a trained provider.

Client of the QuarterAfter coming across Dr. Edward Dickerson online and finding Fayetteville Plastic Surgery & Cape Fear Aesthetics, she went ahead and booked her consultation with our Nurse Practitioner, Mrs. Julie Boice. Her goal was “to not look like I was 50 years old and maybe look like I was 40.”
After meeting Mrs. Boice, she recalls “she made me feel that out of all the practitioners in the area, she was the most knowledgeable.” Therefore they created a treatment plan which consisted of dermal fillers, starting with Voluma-to help bring the volume back to her facial cheeks, Belotero-to fill in the undereye problem, and lastly Sculptra. “The beautiful thing about Sculptra is that it helps your body naturally produce the collagen that was missing in my face.”

Mrs. Boice “was very thorough, she knew exactly what I needed in regards to my eyes looking really tired, and my skin looking really dull.” She states, “She is very smart in the different types of fillers there are, the different types of procedures that Dr. Dickerson can offer. If fillers wasn’t an option.” Therefore our client felt very comfortable with Mrs. Boice, and moved forward to begin the treatment.

A few months after undergoing a series of dermal fillers, Mrs. Boice showed her the before and after photos she had taken. She was shocked at the difference in the way she looked. “It was immediate confidence for me, I felt like I could walk around and feel like I was in my thirties!” This was a big boost for her self-esteem, and as a result she gets compliments all the time.
“The beautiful part was because I had that confidence, everyone else saw it. Especially my immediate family.” This has made the biggest impact in her daily life.

“I can tell you, based on the conversations I’ve had with Julie and the procedures I’ve done, if I could be a lifetime member of Dr. Dickerson’s office I will, and I plan on staying with Julie in the future. I absolutely love Julie Boice,” she says.


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