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Chin Augmentation in Fayetteville, NC

A weak or poorly defined chin can negatively impact your appearance, motivating men and women alike to seek chin augmentation solutions. With a chin augmentation at Fayetteville Plastic Surgery & Cape Fear Cosmetics, you can adjust the shape of the chin to better complement your facial features. We offer this treatment to residents of Cape Fear, Lumberton, Raleigh, Cary and the neighboring areas of North Carolina.

What is Chin Augmentation?

Chin surgery, or mentoplasty, is a surgical procedure that can be done to reshape the chin by implant or by bone reduction surgery. Chin surgery may be performed with other facial procedures, or may be part of a facial reconstruction. The procedure results in a more pleasing profile, and is often done with a nose surgery, so both are in correction proportion to each other. The shape of the chin has a great influence on the overall appearance of the face and neck.

What Are Chin Implants?

Chin implants are the most common form of chin augmentation. At Cape Fear Aesthetics, we offer a variety of chin implant materials and shapes to give our patients flexibility in choosing their new look. These implants are placed between the chin bone and the facial muscles to provide a natural-looking effect. During your consultation, we will assess your cosmetic goals in order to determine the best chin implant solution.

What is the Chin Augmentation Procedure Like?

Chin surgery normally lasts from one to two hours and is often an outpatient procedure. Depending on the surgical plan, you’ll be given local or general anesthesia. In chin reduction surgery, incisions are made either in the mouth or under the chin. The doctor will sculpt the bone to make a more pleasing size for the patient. For chin augmentation, the doctor will begin by making an incision on either the natural crease line just under the chin or inside the mouth, where gum and lower lip meet. The doctor will then gently stretch this tissue, then creates a space where an implant can be inserted.

What is Recovery Like Following a Chin Augmentation?

After a chin augmentation, patients may need to take up to a week off of work and other normal activities. You can expect mild swelling and soreness during this time, for which we can prescribe medication to make your recovery more comfortable. Patients can enjoy permanent, natural-looking results after their chin augmentation.

How Much Does Chin Augmentation Cost?

At Cape Fear Aesthetics, we try our best to keep our services affordable to our patients. This includes accepting many forms of payment and offering flexible financing options through CareCredit®, United Medical Credit, and Prosper Healthcare Lending. If you are considering a chin augmentation, we encourage you to schedule a private consultation. During this consultation, one of our surgeons will assess your cosmetic goals to determine the treatment method that will best satisfy your needs. At this point, we will be able to provide you with a clear breakdown of the costs associated with your treatment.

If you are considering a chin augmentation at Cape Fear Aesthetics, contact us today to learn more about the procedure or to schedule a consultation. We welcome patients from the North Carolina area, including those from Sanford, Fayetteville, Cary and the surrounding areas of North Carolina.